Hiata appears in Autumn 2005, using new technologies as a way to create and communicate ideas between the 3 cornerstones (Tai - voice and production; Gito - voice, Al - composition and instruments), with the aim of personal satisfaction and musical development. Strictly virtual, without rehearsals or physical space to meet, using the Internet as a mean of composition, comes an independent album called "Poisoned Waters" and a video-single "I might live again" in December 2006. The need to materialize this project, led to a new formation, to which in January 2007 joined new elements (Ben - Drums; Trunfa - Bass; Santos - Guitar) that allowed the presentation of the band to the public. By the end of 2008 the band had given several live performances and started working on the 2nd album that is still in the process of composition with the aim to come out in the year 2010. After a brief hiatus caused by the departure of Ben (drummer) to Germany at the end of 2008, Hiata releases in 2009 the EP "Poisoned Waters RE-issue", with 6 of the 15 songs presented in the previous album "Poisoned Waters" (2006), with the participation of the new members and the new drummer (Johnny Drummer) who joined the band in early 2009 to fill up the space left by Ben. Hiata - “The recording of this EP shows the need to transpose the concert experience into the songs, and to introduce new ideas built over these 2 years. The EP is a more current and representative of what we are doing now, with a new and fresh sound.” Self called Symphonic Landscape Rock, the sound of Hiata, influenced by the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s rock, presents a variety of textures that lead to a landscape scenario, colored by orchestral arrangements, where the dichotomy between light / shadow is always present. Besides the “Poisoned waters RE issue” EP, Hiata released the video-single "Poisoned Waters", produced, illustrated and animated by the artist João Rubim in England and the new official website (www.hiata.com). The band is currently rehearsing regularly in order to promote its work live, while they give life to their next album.

Homepage: www.hiata.com www.myspace.com/hiata

Genre: Alternative, Hard Rock, Rock

Band members:

  • Tai - Vocals
  • Gito - Vocals
  • Al - Guitar
  • Santos - Guitar
  • Trunfajack - Bass
  • Johnny - Drums

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