Beautiful Venom

Beautiful Venom is one of those bands you can't fit in only one known musical Genre. With clear influences of the rock and metal worlds, the concept of their music s is based on creativity and originality. Andres, David, Manuel and Mits mix their different musical preferences and influences in a big cauldron forged with teamwork, persistence and faith on their music and work, resulting on something different from everything you have ever heard before. Their constantly working creative spirit makes every song different and unique. Some people might not like that, but as long as there is one fan on earth, they will keep on working to make it even better for that one person. For the band there are only two types of people: those who like them and those who don't. It's a 50/50 thing. Never giving up, not even when everything turns against them, their struggle to keep on creating and improving led their way during the last years, the band finally produced their first EP untitled "PROLOGUE" which received very good reviews from both public and press. After one year of intense rocking throughout Portugal, including gigs at "Enterro Aveiro 2009" doing the opening show from Brandi Carlile, the band decided to record another EP. The recording sessions started on december 2009 and was released in June 2009. With a sound more mature and powerful, Beautiful Venom is making their very own sound and playing it how they really want, LOUD, FAST AND with lots of BEER! . At this moment the band is preparing a tour all around Portugal to promote their up-coming EP. Evolving from a teenager punk rock band to something mature, withe the guts to turn you upside down, or simply leave you untouched - IF you have already been brainwashed, that..s it. Don't get stung... This is a Lethal venom.


Genre: Alternative, Hard Rock, Heavy, Punk, Rock

Band members:

  • Andrés Malta
  • David Alves
  • Manuel Machado
  • Silvino Malta

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